About us

Northland Church was founded in 2018 by Pastors Tim Brown and Nick Geray. Northland was founded as a consolidation of two churches: Prairie View Church and Life Church Fargo. We are a Southern Baptist Church located in Fargo, North Dakota. To learn more about our beliefs, please click here.

There was a time when, as Jesus was ministering and teaching, that someone came and told Him that his mother and brothers were outside waiting to talk with Him.  Jesus gave this man a profound response.  He turned and pointing to His disciples, simply said “Here are my mother and my brothers.  For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my mother and my brother and my sister.”  (Matt 12:46-50) At Northland Church we greatly value our relationships with one another.  We value them because we are bound together as a family by blood, the precious blood of Jesus Christ who died to redeem each of us regardless of our sinful past or what earthly family tree we may have come from.  We recognize that God has taken a diverse group of people, with diverse talents and gifts as well as diverse problems and difficulties, and brought us together so we may love, support, encourage, and strengthen one another as we walk through life.  We also realize that, like all families, we can at times be dysfunctional.  James, Chapter 4, says that many of the problems and difficulties which we experience in our church family come from our own selfish nature, seeking what we want rather than looking to the needs of others.  We encourage you to come join us!  We may not be perfect, but we are dedicated to being the family of God and with His help, working through every difficulty we face together!

our Leadership:
Moses Orukotan
Tim Brown